Easy Practice Or Competition Bun With No Bobby Pins
What you'll need
Hair Brush
Approximately 6
Hair Ties
Twist In Pins
Bun Maker
Start by brushing out your hair.
Next make a ponytail at the height you want your bun to be at.
Pull your ponytail through your bun maker.
Spread out all your hair evenly making sure to cover the entire bun maker. Use one tight and one doubled up rubber band to secure.
With the extra hair twist it all the way around your bun and tuck in the end. Use 1 or 2 hair ties to secure.
If you want to change it up or make it fancier for competition, you can braid the extra hair instead of twisting it.
If you want extra security you can use these twisty pins that “screw” into your bun. They won’t fall out and are a great alternative to bobby pins.
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