Easy Snowy Owl Kids’ Craft
Supplies: black & brown paper (+scraps), white and gray paint, paper plate, pompoms, scissors, black Sharpie, glue stick, Elmer’s, cotton, googly eyes
Using a pompom, tap paint a large white circle for the owl’s body and a smaller white circle for his head. Add a few gray spots to his belly and head.
Cut 2 wings from white paper and dry brush on a little gray paint.
Cut an oval from the middle of a brown piece of construction paper. Fold a flap on each side about 1/2”. Draw on log details.
Cut a small beak as nd glue it in place. Mat large googly eyes on yellow paper and glue in place. Add the wings and glue the log in place.
Optional: Fluff up some cotton and glue it wherever you want a little snow.
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