Easy Tips for Amazing Family Vacation Photos
CAPTURE JOY. I didn’t ask him to smile for me, I just stepped up while he was laughing in the waves.
CLOUDY SKIES ARE YOUR FRIEND. Use gray skies + shade to eliminate harsh light + shadows.
GET CLOSER. Capture the small things, the details, the unexpected beauty.
STEP BACK. Getting close with your camera captures detail, but stepping back captures perspective.
USE SILHOUETTES. All you need a subject with a bright light behind them and a simple shutter click.
HAVE FUN. My kids know just what to do when I ask them to laugh for me. Bribe them if necessary. 😉
GET UP EARLY Trocadero is packed with tourists, but set your alarm before they do and it’s magical.
LOOK FOR LIGHT. Unexpected beauty and quick snaps result from keeping your eyes open.
HIRE A VACATION PHOTOGRAPHER. Invest in some gorgeous canvas-worthy images to capture a dream trip.
BE SEAKY. Some of my favorite images happen when they never even knew I was there.
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