9 Easy Uses & Looks W/ Liquid Eyeshadow.
Inner corner highlight. Just blend it out with your finger!
Liner or a small wing for a easy eye catching look or a pop of sparkle.
A one and done look. Applied on the lid & blended out with a brush or finger. Doing one eye at a time if your liquid shadow sets fast.
A pop of color in the inner corner!
A bold wing. Using the applicator to draw your wing & correct any mistakes with a q-tip with makeup remover.
Accent line & sparkle in the crease. On top of any eyeshadow look or on its own. *It’s also a hidden pop bonus for hooded eyelids.
You can also create a Graphic wing look creating graphic lines. You can always correct any lines with makeup remover.
Pop of color/ sparkle on the lower lash line. Blend for a more softer look if preferred.
Pop of sparkle on the center of the lid on any eyeshadow look blended with finger. I’ve been using this yellow gold as my pop of color.
Don’t forget your lashes after your looks & you’re done!
What you'll need
Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows
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