Eat Your Science: Ice Cream In A Bag!
Gather your supplies for some chilly chemistry!
Add 3 cups of ice to the gallon bag
Add 1/3 C of the rock salt to the ice in the bag. This will lower the temp at which water freezes!
In the quart bag all in your milk, vanilla, and sugar.
Place the quart bag into the gallon bag & start shaking for about 5 min. Wear gloves if needed.
The shaking allows the cream mixture to freeze easier and the air makes the ice cream fluffier!
Once it changes from a liquid to a solid you have ice cream! Scoop some out and add your toppings!
Easy chilly chemistry! Experiment with different milk or salt & see what happens! Share your results
Thanks for making ice cream in a bag with FCL! Share this fun easy recipe with your family & friends
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