Engineer A Drawbot (1st - 8th)
What you'll need
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1 per participant
Plastic Cup
3 per participant
Washable Markers
1 per participant
Hobby Motor
1 per participant
2” Hot Glue Stick
1 per participant
AA Battery
1 per participant
1” Reusable Bicycle Inner Tube
5 per participant
Adhesive Craft Foam Slices
3 sheets per classroom
6’ Brown Kraft Paper Sheet
Drawbots Coach Guide
Create a ”battery holder” by stretching a slice of innertube longways around a AA battery.
Press shaft of hobby motor into piece of hot glue stick. This creates a vibrating eccentric weight.
Make it spin! Slide wires under bands at ends if battery (= on). Disconnect to open circuit (= off).
Make it stand! Attach marker legs w/ sticky foam strips. You can orient cup up, down or sideways.
Make it wiggle! Stick motor + battery to cup w/ sticky foam. Hot glue stick will need space to spin!
Test to see if drawbot can stand on 3 legs and move! Adjust as necessary.
Make it draw! Remove marker caps & hit the dance floor. What can you adjust to make different marks?
Clean up is easy- apply marker caps back on and recycle your dance floor kraft paper.
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