Engineer Scissor Lift Machines (K - 8)
What you'll need
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One per participant
Classroom Marker
2 per participant
Plastic Spoon (optional)
1:5 student ratio
Swingline Low Force Hole Punch
2 per participant
Pool Noodle Slices
6 per participant
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Up to 7 per participant
Brass Fasteners
A few per participant
Adhesive Craft Foam Slices
Select a marker and four or more large craft sticks. Mark each with X’s equally on center & ends.
Use low force hole punch to make three holes in each craft stick. If it gets stuck, flex up down.
Pair to make sets of “X” shapes.
Insert brass fasteners in the center hole of each pair of craft sticks. Press firmly and flatten.
Use additional fasteners to connect “arms to legs”, pres firmly and give it a squeeze! It moves!
Attach fun objects at the ends of your interconnected system of levers - It’s a grabber!
Different materials become a creature that grows, or a thing that transforms from small to tall!
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