Ever Thought Of Visiting Georgia? Do It For Its Food! 🇬🇪
Ever considered visiting Georgia? Go for their food! It’s the best comfort food; like the best meal your gran makes during winter. Here are its top 9!
1) Khinkali: it’s a chunky dumpling with meat or vegetable fillings with cheese. The inside broth is absolutely delicious, and melts in your mouth.
Shkmeruli: crispy chicken cooked in a creamy milk and garlic sauce, shkmeruli is definitely a personal favourite. Usually served with bread or rice.
Khachapuri: these cheesy breads come in an array of shapes & sizes. The most popular is adjarian;boat shaped, stuffed with cheese, topped with an egg.
Kharcho: a traditional soup with beef, rice, cherry plum purée and chopped walnuts. It’s usually topped with coriander like most Georgian dishes.
Lobio: a deliciously slow-cooked bean stew with onion and herbs! Very flavourful, served in a clay dish or clay pot. The thick, creamy one is best.
Leek and potato soup: hailing from the UK, this came as a familiar surprise! It’s a comforting, thick gravy soup cooked in salt & pepper. Delectable.
Georgian bread: bread cooking is just as interesting as its taste in Georgia! Baked in a tandoor like South Asia, it is freshly served with all meals.
Churchkhela: a popular sweet in Georgia, strings of nuts are dipped in grape juice or syrup. You’ll se them hanging in markets and towns everywhere.
Mtsvadi: last but not the least, mtsvadi is skewered meat cooked over an open fire. Usually made with raw onions, and served with pomegranate juice.
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