5 Excercises To Improve Your Balance On Roller Skates
Practice shifting your weight: bend your knees, put all your weight on one leg and shift it to the other leg.
Standing on one leg: shift your weight, bend your knees, knee of the standing over the middle of your foot and lift your other leg
Try to move your other leg: back-front motion or to the side
If it's too hard, you can practice this without skates
Balance on your front wheels. Try to switch your legs if you can.
Hold on to something if it's too hard
Try standing on your toes without skates to gain strength. Go up and down while staying in control.
Balance on your back wheels. Always keep your hands in front of your body so you don't fall backwards.
Heel toe manuals. Stand on the front wheels of one leg and on the back wheels of the other leg
If it works, you can try the heel toe manual while you're rolling
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