10 Exercise Full Body Workout (At Home Friendly!)
As a general rule, 6 reps or fewer for strength (if you have access to heavy weight). 6-12 reps for hypertrophy (muscle size). 12+ reps for endurance
Front squat - 8-10 reps. Superset with ➡️
Cable face pulls - 10-12 reps. At-home alternative - bent over reverse fly using any fairly light weight you have
Stiff Leg deadlift - 8-10 reps. Superset with ➡️
Cable chest fly - 8-10 reps. At-home alternative - lying chest fly using any fairly light weight you have.
T bar row - 8-10 reps. Superset with ➡️
Squat thruster - 10-15 reps (try to be explosive with these)
Bicep curl to tricep kickback - 6-10 reps (can do a double bicep curl since your bicep is probably stronger than your tricep). Superset with ➡️
Cable run - 20 steps each leg. At- home alternative - 20-30s sprint on a treadmill, or 30 seconds of high knees
Cable pull through - 10-12 reps. At-home alternative - hip thrust, placing any weight you have on your hips. Superset with ➡️
Quad extension - 10-12 reps. At-home alternative - do both legs simultaneously, and place weight on your ankles and between your feet
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