3 Exercise Jumprope Workout ⚡️
Hi I’m Mia! In today’s Jumprope I’m going to show you 3 Jumprope exercises to make up a workout💯
1. The first exercise is the basic bounce. Repeat for 30 seconds 💥
Side view of the basic bounce: try to stay light on your toes
Avoid:❌ try not to bend your knees and land on your heels. As this could cause injury.
2. The next exercise is the run skip: repeat for 30 seconds💪🏻
Side view of the run skip💥try to stay light on your feet and keep your arms in
3. The next exercise is the boxer step southpaw 💯 - repeat for 30 seconds
Side view of the boxer step southpaw: bring one arm across whilst leaving one by your side😁
Equipment: Jumprope & workout mat🌍
What you'll need
Rush Athletics Mini Mat
Rush Athletics Skipping Rope
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