Extra relaxation sequence to calm your nervous system
Get your props! A bolster or cushion, a blanket and blocks
Find your comfortable seat, bring the hands to your heart and check-in with yourself.
Separate the legs, flex the feet, hinge at the hips and enjoy your forward fold. You can use a bolster as support in the forehead. Stay for 3 minutes
Separate the knees, place the bolster in between the legs and rest in your supported child's pose, stay for 3 minutes
With control come all the way down to your belly. Rest the forehead on the back of the hands, let go in your crocodile pose. Stay between 3-5 minutes
Come to your back, bring the knees to the chest, place the bolster in between the knees and twist to the right. After 3 minutes, twist to your left
Set up for legs up the wall with a blanket under the head, open the arms by your side and rest between 5-10 minutes
Come to your back, place a bolster under the knees and bring the soles of the feet together in your butterfly pose. Rest for 5 minutes.
Extend the legs, adjust your head support and rest in your Savasana between 5-10 minutes
Come out of your savasana, find your comfortable seat, and check-in with yourself after your practice!
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