Family Crafts: Pinecone Christmas Tree
Gather supplies: pinecone, wood base, craft glue, yarn, tiny pom-poms
Optional: acrylic gems, sequins, tweezers, hot glue gun
Glue the pinecone to the wood base (glue gun works best of you have one). This helps it to stand up. Let dry *completely*.
Wrap the pinecone with yarn. Add glue to both ends to secure.
Glue the tiny pom-poms to the pinecone petals. Using tweezers for this step really helps. Use as many as you want!
You can stop here...or you can keep going and add more sparkle!
Optional ✨ Add sequins or tiny acrylic gems to the *tips* of the pinecone petals. Glue gun works best for this.
Glue a large acrylic gem to the top. Any shape will work...use your favorite! A glue gun works best for this step.
Add a second gem to the other side if desired. It can be the same shape and color, or out doesn't have to choose!
❄️All done!❄️
Kid's examples
Kid's examples
Some students glued cotton balls to the wood base to make it look like snow! Good idea!
Kid's examples
Happy Holidays from Mrs. Ballow!
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