8 Fashion Hacks You Need To Know
If your jeans are too big, pass the button under the first belt loop, and close your jeans from there
If your jeans are too tight, put a hair tie through the buttonhole and use it to grab the button itself
If the edge of your belt can’t reach the nearest belt loop, use a hair tie to create one
If the sleeves of your jacket are too long, use a hair tie to help maintain the fabric in place. Fold excess fabric over the head tie to cover it
If your top is too long, instead of tucking it in your jeans, fold the hem and tuck it under your bra
Another way to achieve this cropped look, is to wear a belt over your waist, and fold excess fabric over it
A fun way to crop a buttoned shirt is to fold one half inside out through the hole between 2 buttons, and the other half outside in
See if your bottoms fit by placing the waistline around your neck and if the edges touch they fit! If they don’t they’re too small (and viceversa)
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