Faux Metal & Marble Fancy Dreidel
Transform a blank wood dreidel into a fancy faux metal & marble one!
Start with an unfinished wooden dreidel from Woodpeckers Crafts.
Make a template of the dreidel’s sides using a sticky note.
Cut out 4 faux marble veneer pieces in the template’s shape.
Use craft foam with an adhesive backing, & cut out Nun, Gimel, Hey, & Shin with scissors.
Paint with a gold paint pen.
Adhere thick stickers to marble pieces.
Paint the top, sides, & bottom with gold paint pen.
Glue panels to dreidel. Edge & define with gold puff paint.
Let dry overnight, & seal entire dreidel with decoupage medium.
After drying overnight, your dreidel is ready for a spin!
Sink your own style into an unfinished wooden dreidel project. WOOD you try this? Stay crafty!
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