Favorite Tools For Recipe Filming Setups
Getting started with video? Here are our creator's top equipment recommendations for your recipe filming setup.
Tripods are necessary to have a steady camera and keep your hands free while cooking or baking! Our creators love these 3 tripods.
Our top recommended tripod is this 3 piece tripod. It has the ease of a regular tripod plus an arm extension for overhead shots.
We love the Glide Gear Overhead Table Top Mount tripod. It's adjustable and sturdy for creating steady video footage.
This Counter Clip Overhead Tripod is a great affordable option, however, you will need a surface to clip it to.
Natural lighting is great, but what do you do if you need artificial lighting? Here are some of our creators' favorite lighting!
This Studio LED Lighting Kit is great for the foodie on the move. They are extremely lightweight, and do not get very hot after hours of use.
Box lights are more expensive, but allow you the most light manipulation. These are a great option for recreating natural light in a dark space.
Backdrops are the perfect way to create a continuous aesthetic throughout your posts. Check out some of our creators' favorites!
Replica Surfaces are hyper-realistic, stain and glare resistant along with super lightweight and portable!
You can also make affordable backdrops with items found around the house!
Want more tips for gear to use? Check out this Jumprope by @cookingwcam!
Now that you have your setup ready to go, check out these 10 Food Photography Tips by @thepracticalkitchen
What you'll need
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