FCL Learning Lab 🌍Recycled 🐤Bird Feeders
Let’s make recycled bird feeders!
Gather materials that you could normally recycle or throw away!
Also gather some glue, twine/string, maybe some sticks from outside and your bird seed from your kit.
Plan a design and pick materials that you think will work for your recycled bird feeder!
Start assembling your bird feeder.
Add on the bottom to check some bird food.
Test with the bird food and see if your feeder works. If not make adjustments!
Add on more recycled materials to create places for birds and add string for hanging.
Add finishing touches or decorate your feeder how you like!
The kids made their own designs!
Completing her design which included a mini bird bath!
We almost got a bird!
Here are more recycled bird feeders you can use for inspiration!
Thanks for joining FCL Learning Lab and making recycled bird feeders! Please share your designs!
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