FCL Learning Lab Candy Heart πŸ’œ Experiment
Let’s get started with the Candy Heart Experiment!
Gather up your supplies: candy hearts, jars/cups, vinegar, milk, and water if you have juice, oil, soda or other liquid grab it!
Set up your jars or cups you can label them if that helps you and record what you have on your experiment sheet in your kit.
Record your time and add in your candy hearts!
While you wait make some predictions on what will happen!
About a 1/2 hour into our experiment.
Starting to dissolve in some of the liquids
2 hours into the experiment and we had 3 hearts floating and about 1/2 way dissolved. By the end of the day we were surprised which heart dissolved
If you have any leftover hearts use them to do a stacking challenge!
Thanks for joining FCL Learning Lab and conducting a Candy Heart Experiment share what results you had with us!
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