FCL Learning Lab: Create A Mouth Model
Gather your supplies: red paper plates, pink construction paper, glue, 20 marshmallows, yarn, and play dough
Glue on your marshmallow teeth to the red paper plates. 10 on the top and bottom.
Get your pink paper and cut it into a tongue shape.
Glue your tongue to the bottom plate and let your marshmallow teeth to harden up.
Let’s get started using our mouth model!
Create cavities and food in your mouth model for added fun!
Practice brushing, flossing, and checking your teeth like a dentist!
Here is a child’s mouth showing the order in which teeth generally appear!
When you have a healthy mouth it leads to a healthier body! Take care of your teeth and form healthy habits during dental health month!
Thanks for joining FCL Learning Lab and making a mouth model!
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