FCL Learning Lab: Crystal Snowflakes
Gather your supplies: glass jar, string, pipe cleaners, pencil, borax, and boiling water.
Create a 6 sided snowflake by twisting your pipe cleaners and leave one side longer and make a hook on the top
Test your snowflake and jar to make sure it doesn’t touch the sides or bottom of your jar.
Add your boiling water and borax (about 4 Tbsp)
This is how it should look before adding in your snowflake
Add your snowflake and leave for about 24 hours
About 2 hours later and we already had crystals forming
By 6 we decided we already grew enough crystals to take it out
Let your crystal snowflake drip dry and place on a paper towel
Amazing! We will be making more of these and using them for winter decorations or maybe for Christmas next year!
After drying overnight
This is the vase after cleaning with hot water and a butter knife getting the crystals loose at the bottom!
Thanks for joining FCL Learning Lab and making crystal snowflakes! Share what your doing with yours!
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