FCL Learning Lab Egg Parachute Experiment
Let’s construct egg parachutes and experiment!
Parachute egg experiment supplies: coffee filter, straws, craft sticks, candy eggs, 1/2 of a plastic egg, and tape.
1/2 of the plastic egg and choose straws or sticks and tape them onto your egg
Tape your coffee filter to the top of your sticks or straws
Add in your candy eggs into your parachute
Find a place to experiment with your parachute your stairs, from a chair, or even outside on a playground or a tree!
Experiment: what setup works best (sticks/straws)? Does it matter how or where you release your parachute? Do you think you could use a real egg?
Thanks for joining FCL Learning Lab and conducting an egg parachute experiment! Share your parachute with us!
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