7 Features You May Have Missed on Jumprope
Tap the center circle of your Jumprope when editing to change from a numbered card to a blank card.
You can upload your own music to Jumprope! Simply tap the music button and hit upload your own.
You can import photos or videos to your Jumprope from your iCloud, DropBox or Google Drive.
You can add your own hex values to your Jumprope to match your brand and style. Type or paste in the hex code and hit done.
To add an external link to your Jumprope under “see all” tap on “add link and tags.” Paste in your link to your blog or website and you’re done.
Share a Jumprope to your blog using our embed. You can either email yourself the code or install our Wordpress plugin to access your Jumpropes.
You can link any of your own Jumpropes or any saved Jumpropes in another Jumprope. Tap in the text box and click on the icon to link.
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