Feeding Your Starter (Starter Pack)
I just took my starter out of the fridge, so first I need to stir in the liquid that has formed.
I keep a 50/50 blend of whole wheat and bread flour on hand. This is what I use to feed my starter.
I shake it so that the two flours are evenly distributed.
Before feeding my starter, I discard some until I have 100g of starter in my 160g container.
If I’m not using discard to make crackers or pancakes, I use recycled plastic bags for easy disposal
Next, I measure 200g of distilled water into a bowl.
If I have just taken my starter out of the fridge I heat the water to about 95*F.
I add the 200g of warm water to my starter and stir to combine.
I zero my scale and add 200g of the 50/50 flour blend into my starter.
I stir to combine so that there is no dry flour on the bottom. The consistency is thick at first.
After 15 hours the consistency has changed- it is actively bubbling & has risen in the container
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