"Feliz Navidad" Felt Garland
Gather your materials: felt (red, green and white), ruler, scissors, pen, cord or ribbon.
Use your ruler to measure 3x5" rectangles in your red and green felt.
Cut your rectangles. For "Feliz Navidad" I cut 5 red, 7 green to alternate colors.
Make your letters. I used 1" as a guide to measure each detail in the letter.
Cut your letters.
Glue the letters to the white felt sheet. Then cut the letters leaving a 1/4" outline or edge of white felt.
Cut a piece of cord and glue it to the back of the letters. Leave a 1" space in between of each letter.
To finish the garland, I glued some pom poms to add more color.
And your garland is ready to hang wherever you want.
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