Learn tips for the best cars methods for your Fiddle Leaf Figs!
Fiddle Leaf Figs like bright consistent light, preferably near a sunny window.
Set them on a weekly watering schedule, or whenever the top 2” of soil feel dry.
Plants about 2-3’ tall get two cups of water. Plants larger than that get about three to four cups of water.
Turn your plant every few weeks once it begins to lean towards the light.
Red spots on new leaves is called edema + is a symptom of moisture stress (too much or too little while the leaf grows.
The red spots should slowly go away as the leaf matures and is no big deal.
You can even bring your FLF outdoors once the weather warms up.
During warmer months, I feed my FLF once a week as per the directions on my fertilizer.
It’s also important to clean and dust their leaves from time to time.
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Happy Houseplants Ebook
Happy Houseplants Ebook
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