Fight For Your Rights Mask
You'll need a blank mask, embroidery supplies, and disappearing ink pen.
Start by drawing VOTE, with disappearing ink, on one side of the mask.
Cut an arms length of embroidery floss and separate 2 strands from your thread to start with.
Tie a knot at one end and thread your needle on the other end.
We are going to embroider this mask using the back stitch:
Come up through the top of the V then back down around 1/4" down the V.
On the back you will put your needle through the tail end, under the knot, and pull semi-tight.
Your next stitch will come up about 1/4" past your first stitch...
...then go back down through the same hole at the end of your first stitch.
Continue until you have stitched over all of the letters.
Continue with blue on the other side of the mask once you have drawn a square with a check mark.
Now switch to metallic silver floss. Again separate two strands.
Stitch the check mark using the same back stitch technique.
Continue back on the other side, adding silver highlights along the inside edge of each letter.
Now Get Out the Vote!
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