Fingerprint Doodles Pond Scene
Draw your background-add a tree, pond, and horizon line. Color in if you want!
Baby and Mama Birds-use the tip of your finger to get the smaller prints.
Butterfly and Flower-use tip of finger for the smaller dots. The pad of your finger for the flower petals. Add a smile just for fun!
Caterpillar-make this one as long or as short as you want. The print for the head is just a little higher than the rest. Add feet, a face and fuzz!
Bumble Bee and Lady Bug-use the pad of your finger for the body and the tip for the head
Turtle and Frog-both use the pad of your finger!
A School of Fish-big or small, add as many as you like!
Bunny and Cat-pay attention to when you use the tip or pad of your finger. Don’t forget the tails!
Add grass around pond and horizon line for the final details and sign your artwork! Enjoy!
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