Firefall 2021 - Your Guide to a Yosemite Natural Wonder
The original Yosemite Firefall was actually manmade and located at Glacier Point nearly a century before the current Firefall was discovered.
Every February a natural light show appears at Horsetail Fall inside Yosemite Valley for a week or two – if the weather conditions line up just right.
Yosemite Firefall is so popular – strict guidelines are put into place to protect visitors & the ecosystem, including parking & hiking restrictions.
Make sure to check out the NPS website before your trip for up-to-date information. Currently (2/21) park reservations are required to enter the park.
The main 2021 viewing area is located by the El Capitan Picnic Area & requires a 1.5 mile walk from the designated parking by Yosemite Valley Lodge.
You’ll want to give yourself time to enter the park early to find parking and to claim your viewing spot for the evening light show.
Bring extra water, snacks, layers to help stay warm, a comfy chair & binoculars. Consider bringing a zoom lens of at least 200 mm for photographs.
One thing that makes Firefall so special is there is no garuntee it will happen. Precipitation, temperature & sunlight have to line up just right.
Along with the main viewing area, Yosemite offers many wonderful viewpoints...just check the NPS website ahead of time for possible closures.
If you do go on one of the park hikes, plan properly for the possibility of winter snow and ice before you head out.
Firefall is an incredible experience, but please plan ahead and respect the current guidelines so this can be a safe and memorable experience for all.
If you can, plan to visit for multiple nights to help increase your chances of seeing a Firefall for yourself.
Thanks for joining me for Firefall 2021. For more great Yosemite spots, see my other Yosemite Jumpropes or my full blog post at
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