Five Hidden & Unusual Things To Do In LA, California!
The Echo Park Time Travel Mart:have you ever travelled through time & foolishly forgotten your passport? Woken up & realised you’re out of dinosaur...
...eggs for breakfast? Thankfully, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart has all the necessary supplies for your trip to the fourth dimension!
The time travel-themed mart boasts the slogan, “whenever you are,we’re ready then.” It sells past,present & future relics such as Michael Jordan pogs.
The Last Bookstore: this iconic LA bookshop is housed in an abandoned bank - both symbolic and chic.
The marble pillars & mile-high ceiling remain from the old bank, but in place of patrons & guarded stacks of cash, bookshelves like the walls.
The bookstore actually specialises in reasonably priced used books, and takes great pride in offering a selection of well-kept vintage books as well.
Rosenheim Mansion: this grand mansion has starred in everything from American Horror Story to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
It features Tiffany stained glass, Italian brickwork, and exotic wood finishes. It also has 6 fireplaces, a gold-leaf ceiling, & a high-end studio.
Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt: her final resting place was intended to be modest and private, but the power of her popularity continues to draw visitors.
Her earthly remains are interred in crypt number 24 in the Corridor of Memories, a complex of above-ground crypts on the west side of the cemetery.
Sunken City: a jumble of foundations, streets, and streetcar tracks inhabit the cliff where a landslide occurred in 1929.
Today, the area is called “Sunken City” by locals, and consists of the broken foundation of houses & buckled footpaths. It’s now popular for hiking.
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