Five quirky and unique experiences in London!
Away from the clichè!
Freud Museum: an insightful experience into Sigmund Freud's life after he fled the Nazis in 1983.
It is a time capsule that contains the couch where psychoanalysis was born, & Freud's study/library!
Dans Le Noir?: a unique sensory and human experience which makes guests dine in pitch darkness!
There are three menus to choose from (meat, fish, veg) but the actual meal remains a surprise!
Guildhall: step into the ruins of London's only amphitheatre, & unearth the history under your feet!
Built in 70AD, it was found within the old Roman City Walls. It was used an arena for public events.
Sky Garden: Europe's largest indoor botanical garden and London's highest. Also completely free!
Grap a drink from City Garden bar, food from Fenchurch Restaurant, or enjoy a music night at Sky!
London's smallest library: a casual walk-in and browse setup: it is situated in a red telephone box!
It works as a book exchange service: when you take a book home, you must leave one as a replacement!
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