Five Simple Ways To Maintain Healthy And Shiny Hair
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Silk Pillowcase
BEYOND Argan Therapy Signature Oil
Olaplex No3
Brush your hair regularly, starting from the ends to untangle any knots. Make sure you change up your hairline while brushing the scalp!
About once a week, I like to do an olaplex treatment. I dampen my hair under the faucet and towel dry
I apply a generous amount of the treatment, focusing on the ends of my hair
I put my hair using a clip and leave the treatment in for around an hour before stepping into the shower! It makes a huge difference to my hair!
When I step out of the shower, I like to use a hair oil like this korean beauty oil!
I apply a very small amount to the ends of my hair! This product really goes a long way
Keeping your hair down is the best as there’s no tension! When you need to tie your hair up, ditch those damaging hair ties!
Opt for looser and more gentle ties/scrunchies/claws to avoid unnecessary strain on your scalp!
I invested in some silk pillowcases to help with smoother, frizz free and hydrated hair! ✨ thank you for watching!
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