FLAMINgling Into Summer
After tracing the flamingo 🦩 on the 11 x 14 canvas panel. Paint a light shade of pink in the background.
It is ok if you get paint on the flamingo as another shade of pink will be painted next. We will touch those up later.
Add stripes of white to the background for texture. I did this on top of the pink that was still wet.
Using a smaller brush add areas of yellow to the beak, center of the flower 🌸 legs and any areas that you care to brighten.
I bought several bright paints for this summer fun painting. I am using a fluorescent pink for the flamingo. 🦩
Allow areas of pink and yellow to blend to a bright orange.
I used a teal to paint the flower as well as adding in areas of blue here & there in the flamingo.
The more color layering the more interesting the finished painting with look.
Starting on the bottom right, add these palm branches and a few colors of green. Start with a curved line and add green leaves.
Overlap flamingo with leaves so that it appears like the flamingo is among the trees.
Add as many leaves as I did or more. Place them where you wish!
Add areas of teal to leaves and flamingo to make the painting more tropical.
Add black to outline areas of the flamingo with a thin round brush.
I added dot details to the center of the flowers. Enjoy your masterpiece!
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