Fold A Paper Wallet For Designer Dollars
You need a piece of paper and decorating supplies like crayons or markers.
Decorate one side of the paper. Try a pattern! I’m using a recycled misprint.
Fold the paper in half.
Open, and fold one edge to the center, then the other side.
Open the paper and now fold in half hotdog style.
Open and fold back to the center. Now fold the top down about 1 inch. Turn the paper around; top to the bottom and fold about 1 inch again.
Unfold just one side. Fold the top 1 inch flat.
Here’s the tricky bit...fold the whole thing in half, but tuck the top inside the opposite pocket. Repeat the same thing to the other side.
Now it’s ready for Designer Dollars!
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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