Folding A Pop up Template: Simple House
What you'll need
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Large Paper Clip Or Butter Knife
Printed Template
If you want to decorate your house, it’s easier to color before you make it pop.
Use a ruler and a paper clip to score all the fold lines. Score every dotted line.
Scoring the fold lines will help it fold in the right place.
Cut out the base for the card. Fold the center crease and then set aside.
Cut out the house. Pay attention and only cut along the solid lines.
Notice that on EACH side of the roof, there is a little section of solid black line. Cut on the that line carefully.
Now fold on all the dotted lines. If the paper is not cut all the way, carefully cut the paper a teeny tiny bit more.
Check to see if the edge of the roof section swings clear from the bottom of the house part.
Grab the glue stick! Put glue on the tab that says B, then fold it closed to set.
Fold each tab in front of the house. Line up one tab at a time on the card. Add glue to the tab. Close the card and press for the glue to set.
Add glue to the tab A. Close the card and press for the glue to set.
Have fun! The more you practice the better you get!
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