FRIENDFEST - a UK Wide FRIENDS Attraction For Fans!
Are you a major Friends fan? Have you always dreamed of visiting New York for iconic locations of the show? Now, Brits can & that too, every year!
Friends Fest is an annual month long attraction which brings original props, backdrops, the set and costumes from the iconic show to London.
Starting from the infamous coffee house - Central Perk - where visitors can purchase their favourite beverages! Also, try your hand at Smelly Cat too!
Gunther was off duty so I decided to take his place instead. Not a bad way to spend a rainy weekday afternoon!
This is one of the six original orange couches used on the show, transported safely from LA (where the set is located now) to London.
Their coffee cups make for a great souvenir. 😉
Next is Monica’s apartment - apartment 20 - for a taste of her delicious cooking. And to maybe also spy on the Ugly Naked Guy 😂
The iconic purple entrance is easily recognisable from afar!
Fun fact: her kitchen is prettier in person and even more immaculate! All the kitchen items are original props from the show.
Straight out of the TV, isn’t it! 😍 Fans are asked to queue up for a people-free photo or video, to get the most out of their experience.
I could get used to this...
Moving across the hall to Joey and Chandler’s apartment!
From the BarcaLounger to Joey’s disproportionately built cupboard to Hugsy the penguin - every prop possible is found in this apartment!
Including the wooden kayaks that were used as furniture replacement when Chandler and Joey got robbed. 😂
Friends Fest wouldn’t be complete without Phoebe’s grandmother’s (relaxi) taxi! The iconic yellow cab is parked right outside Central Perk.
Original props, titles, scripts & Joey’s debut as the cover star of Soap Opera digest are also displayed. Costumes are also part of the same section!
Friends Fest is held every year all over the UK in summer, between June & September. Tickets cost £25 per person and go on sale in February. 😍
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