Fudgy Bourbon Pecan Balls
These two-bite holiday treats are rich and chocolaty with a distinct hint of Bourbon.
Each bite is decadent and elevated. They are a brilliant addition to a wine and Charcuterie tasting.
The best part? Only four ingredients! And they’re easy!
In addition to the heavy cream and pecans, choose the BEST quality Bourbon and chocolate.
Heat Bourbon until it’s steamy. Then add room temperature heavy cream to the Bourbon.
Bring the mixture almost to a boil before ‘offing’ the heat.
Add the Bourbon cream to the chocolate and stir for several minutes until very smooth and melted.
The finished chocolate must be 100% satiny smooth and without any lumps.
Add plastic film to the surface of the chocolate so there’s no air hitting the chocolate.
After two hours of refrigeration begin to roll teaspoon-sized balls of chocolate in a bed of pecans.
I roll twice; I roll and refrigerate, then roll again. You want them well coated in the pecans.
Chill until ready to serve. Offer to guests as you would from a candy dish...
...or, place in individual festive mini muffin papers for cleaner and easier handling.
Fudgy Bourbon Pecan Balls
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