Full Face Glam Base
I like to apply my foundation directly to my face, it reduces mess on my hand and I’m saving product by not distributing it any where else.
With this foundation I have to colour correct using a red undertone concealer, to hide any dark areas I may have on my face.
I always blend out with a foundation brush, this doesn’t soak up as much product as a beauty blender and when done properly you get a flawless finish.
The first layer of concealer is extremely important, make sure to not go too light with this shade, 1 or 2 shades lighter will do the trick.
Now my contour didn’t show up as much on this foundation so to enhance my contoured areas I make sure to reverse contour.
The second and final layer of concealer is where you can put the lightest shade, keep it minima and only apply in places that you need to highlight.
I like to blend out my contour as I let my concealer sit. This gives the concealer time to thicken which will give me more coverage.
Blending out your concealer with a brush takes skill and practice but if you make sure to tap and not smudge you’ll be just fine.
Now you can see there are a few harsh lines that need to be blended better, go ahead and take your foundation brush and blend in those harsh lines.
For an full glam day I like to take a cream blush, this begins the process of warming up your cheeks underneath your powder blush.
Once again tap and don’t smudge! Be very gentle.
Finally set your under eye in place and to finish the rest of your face check out one of my other videos, to properly set the rest of your face.
What you'll need
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Elf Camo Concealer
Lancome Foundation
Too Faced BTW Concealer
Fenty Match Stix
Fenty Beauty Powder
MUA Cosmetics Liquid Blush
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