Fun Activities In Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Nervous Dog Coffee
This is a cute little local coffee chain with beans to-go, bomb breakfast sandwiches, unique coffee flavors & all the pastries! Stop for a quick bite.
Sarah’s Vineyard & Winery
You are able to walk through the vineyard and sip on wine while waiting for your table. When it’s ready order a pizza or some charcuterie & apps!
These two lakes have beautiful views & are private for owners/guests of the Twin Lakes properties. There is a public tavern that serves seafood too!
This full service salon is trendy & the perfect place for a pedicure and hairstyle before heading out. Not to mention their cute clothes for sale!
On your hike, you’ll first pass the fishing dock. Take a walk down and take in the views and the mist from the water.
If you hike further and head up a set of steps and keep going, you’ll run into one of the waterfalls. It took us about an hour to get to this point!
Make sure to look at the weather forecast or else you might get rained out lol luckily we took shelter under Mary Campbell Cave until it calmed down!
I hope you enjoy exploring this hidden Ohio gem! Follow my insta for more tips @the412franimal
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