11 Fun Places To Stay Around The World ๐ŸŒ
Cocobeach Camp in Lagi, Vietnam: glamp on the beach in either a luxury tent or a cozy, hipster bungalow.
The Myst in Saigon, Vietnam: These colonial hotel rooms have a jacuzzi on every balcony and you can also swim in the rooftop infinity pool.
The Reverie in Saigon, Vietnam: Dubbed โ€œthe only six star hotel in the world.โ€ Each room is luxuriously decorated and the pool plays underwater music.
Riads in Marrakech, Morocco: Donโ€™t let the humble facades fool you. Inside, youโ€™ll find courtyards, plush bedrooms, and even hammam spas.
The Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden: This Boeing 747 was given cabin rooms with bunk beds. You can even stay in the cockpit suite or walk the wings.
Los Amantes Hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico: Their main suite has an interior balcony and a clawfoot tub with a two-story water pipe to fill the bath.
Hotel Con Corazon in Oaxaca, Mexico: This bubblegum pink former tannery has its own mezcal bar and the cutest pool. I got married here!
The Encanto Azul Condo in Tulum, Mexico: This home rentalโ€™s best feature is that its balcony doubles as the pool deck. Daily swims are a must!
The Classic Malay Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: This Airbnb is in the backyard of a local couple. It was built around a mangrove tree.
The Arlo Nomad in New York City: A boutique hotel that sits in the shadow of the Empire State Building. The rooftop bar has awesome cocktails!
Postmarc Hotel and Spa Suites in Lake Tahoe, California: Enjoy your very own jacuzzi bath right in your hotel room at this centrally located spot.
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