Gentle Spine Stretch For Healthy Back With Locust Pose
Lie down on your belly, face down and feet together.
Relax the left leg as you activate and lift your right leg. Do 5-10 leg lifts.
Relax the right leg and do leg lifts on the left side. Engage the core and keep hips level to the ground. Repeat 5-10x.
Engage and straighten both legs. Keep legs together as you lift both legs. Repeat 5-10x.
Bring arms to the side with palms facing down. Mouth is close to the mat and shoulders away from the neck. Lift entire chest and upper body up 5-10x.
Increase intensity by lifting arms up to the side.
Lift both feet together and upper body up for locust pose. Arms on the side with option to interlace fingers together. Hold for 5 breaths.
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