9 Ghost Towns To Visit In Montana
There are a LOT of ghost towns in Montana. These towns sprung up in the 1800s to mine gold and silver, and were abandoned the mines were empty.
A few of these are driving distance from each other, so you can plan to see more than one in a single trip!
Coloma is located in Missoula County and was active in different periods in the 1800s and 1900s. Today, you’ll see abandoned buildings here.
Garnet had 1000 people living in it at one point! Today, it’s a ghost town you can visit to learn about history, take a hike, fish, hunt, and more!
Marysville was a HUGE producer of gold at one point. Today, you’ll see structures that were stores, houses, and even a baseball field!
Rimini was founded in 1864 to mine silver. This ghost town has several abandoned buildings with informational plaques to learn about that time.
Granite State Park is maintained by the state of Montana and is free for Montana residents!
Elk horn State Park is known for two buildings: Fraternity Hall and Gillian Hall.
Bannack State Park was a town founded in 1862 when miners flocked here after gold was struck in the surrounding mountains.
Virginia City and Nevada City and close to each other and have a lot of activities for kids and adults! They have a train to take you between the two
Lauren is near Virginia City, but is much smaller. This town was built around a trading post that sold supplies to miners.
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