Girls Trip To Wisconsin: Things To Do
Grab your gal pals and plan your next road trip to Wisconsin. Explore some favorites to do!
Book a cabin along the Wisconsin River on Airbnb
Go fishing or boating along any body of water in Wisconsin
Visit Wollersheim Winery in Prarie Du Sac
$25 wine tastings include 4 wines and a snack pack and a tour of the vineyard
A lot of great wines to try here. Loved their canned wines.
Gorgeous and vast vineyard with a whiskey distillery next door
Check out popular bars in downtown Madison
Whiskey Jack’s has an extensive shot menu with over 100 shots to try
Get in the college spirit with University of Wisconsin and going to their college town favorites like State Street Brats
Take a break from reality and go hiking at Devil’s Lake State Park
There’s a refreshing beach here
You can walk along this scene if abandoned train line before climbing up to reach the peak
Wisconsin is a beautiful place and a perfect getaway especially for midwesterners in surrounding states
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