Golden Eyeshadow Look
So let’s get into this golden eyeshadow look, I first of all take an orange eyshadow and apply it into my crease.
Took keep this look soft I took a black eyeshadow and smoked it out along my waterline, a gel liner would have been too dark.
I used a gold eyeshadow and placed it on my lid, because I wanted it to have a foil finish, I made sure to smudge and not pat it in.
I took a brown shadow and smoked out the black eyeshadow and gold shimmer together, this created a great transition.
For the inner corner I took a pale pink shade, brighter colours in the inner corner really help to open up your eye.
Now to my water line, I took the same black eyeshadow and smoked it out along my bottom waterline, be careful with this, open your eyes wide.
To mimic what I did to my top waterline I took a mix of the brown and orange shades and further smudged out the black shadow I used before.
Before you apply your lashes, it’s important to prep your lashes with mascara, sorry for the bad shot (I can’t see far 😂)
I then took a black gel pencil and applied it to my waterline, make sure to tilt your head forward like I am and apply slowly.
Now for the lashes, my favourite part, I cross my arms over and slightly tilt my mirror under my eye to ensure that it lines up with my natural lashes
The final look!
What you'll need
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