Gather your materials. You will need construction paper or regular paper. A stapler, tape, or glue. And scissors and something to color with.
Fold your paper hotdog style or longways twice over.
Unfold your paper and trace over the creases you just made.
Cut along your lines with scissors. You should now have 4 strips of paper
On each strip of paper, draw something that you are grateful for.
Take a strip of paper and curl it into a circle with the ends overlapping a bit. You can use a stapler, glue, or tape to attach the paper.
Take your next strip of paper and slide it into your circle. Make sure your drawing is facing out. Make another circle and glue the ends together.
Keep sliding your strips of paper into a circle and gluing the strips into a circle.
Now you’ve made your gratitude chain. Add more circles to your chain by repeating steps 1-7!
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