4 Great Easy Hikes Near Keystone, CO
Rainbow Lake Trail
This trail is 1.5 miles from start to finish (3 mile roundtrip). It begins with a boardwalk and gradually gets steeper as you climb to the lake.
This has a 150 ft. total elevation climb and includes climbing over some large rocks. Pay attention to signs- there are trails that branch off of it.
Old Dillon Resevoir Trail
This is a mostly flat 1.7 mile loop around the lake. There are trails that go up into the surrounding mountain-very steep but beautiful.
Snake River Trail
This is a 4.7 mile out and back trail from Keystone to Dillon. It is mostly flat and paved, and follows the scenic Snake River.
Sapphire Point Overlook Trail
A 0.6 mile loop overlooking Dillon Lake. Very easy- 36 ft. elevation climb. Its a dirt trail and is narrow but there are many benches and rest areas.
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