Gym vs. Barre Workout
Your front leg carries your body weight, while your abs stabilize, these secondary muscles allow you to focus on your upper back
Lunge 1 - tilt your tailbone, grip your abs to neutralize your back. Press your knee towards the floor keeping a straight line from shoulders to knee
Lunge 2 w/ biceps curl. Start with your front heel in front of your knee so when you lunge down your knee is over your instep.
Front rows - grip your seat & abs to stabilize your body against the arm motion. Shoulders are back/down to target the front of your shoulders
With your weight in your heels, lower your seat level with your knees & keep your chest lifted. Squeeze your seat to lift your body back to standing
This is all abs! Tilt your tailbone for a neutral spine, squeeze your seat, shoulders pulled back/down. Using your abs lift & lower your body
Keep your tailbone tilted and your seat gripped to isolate your butt muscles. Using your seat muscle lift your straight leg to hip height.
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