What you'll need
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Furls Crochet Odyssey Hook
Jenkins Hairpin Lace Loom
Supplies: hairpin loom, any yarn, crochet hook, contrasting yarn or thread
Set up loom to any width; make a slip knot & place on any prong
*Use scrap yarn twice as long as the strip as a guide. Tie each end of the guide to each side on the top of the loom.
Start w/ loop on left prong. Rotate, if needed. Bring the yarn up & behind so the working yarn is on top of the right prong. Adjust loop to center.
Left hand is used to hold the yarn tension & turn the loom. Insert hook from bottom to top, YO, pull loop through to front, ch 1.
Rotate hook counter-clockwise & passing through the loom to the back; rotate loom w/ right hand; insert hook bottom to top on left loop, make a sc
Repeat Step 6 until 30 loops are made
Check your gauge: Count the loops and measure the sc of the spine.
Finishing strip: once long enough, cut yarn & pull through with a sl st. Remove the bottom of the loom, slide off the strip, cut the guide; set aside
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