Hand Lettered Window Clings With Puff Paint
Start with a hand lettered illustration. I’m tracing one of my pieces from Procreate
Add a border and details so it’s almost like a sticker
Cut one side from a ziplock bag. Use washi tape to tape down your drawing then tape the plastic
Trace with puff paint. Always shake paint to the top before removing the cap and test on scrap paper
It’s easiest to outline large areas first, then fill them in
Fix any mistakes or air bubbles with a toothpick
Optional: add a border around the full design
Wait 24 hours for paint to dry completely then very carefully peel it off the plastic
Apply to your window and enjoy your colorful, nostalgic craft!
What you'll need
Lettering Illustration
Puff Paint
Paper & Pencil
Washi Tape
Ziplock Bag
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