28 Handmade Holiday Ornament Ideas To Craft
I’ve made & collected so many handmade ornaments over the years! Let’s take a look and get some crafty ideas...
Print out mini sheet music or vintage postcards and attach to cardboard for super easy lightweight ornaments.
Yarn isn’t just for pom poms! Every year I make or purchase a dove ornament for my family, last year I found a tutorial for yarn birds.
Stained glass is a beautiful medium for holiday ornaments if you’ve got those skills! I purchased this one from Krista Stained Glass in Brooklyn.
Here I painted a dove stained glass motif on a clear plastic ornament, then cut a hole in the bottom to insert an LED candle.
These are my latest handmade dove ornaments! Check out my earlier tutorial on making these with clay & cookie cutters.
Salt dough ornaments are a fun one for all skill levels. Customize them for any and all holidays you celebrate!
Mini embroidery hoops work really well for ornaments. Embroider any design you’d like, then I hot glue felt to the back to cover up messy stitches.
Embroidered felt ornaments are my favorite to make! Check out my embroidery tutorials for stitch ideas.
This beautiful beaded ornament was made by my mom. Search for beaded ornaments to find patterns & ideas.
Purchase snowflake beading wire in multiple sizes to make these beaded ornaments!
I made this wreath with wire, painted wood beads, lava beads & a little velvet bow. Add essential oils to the lava beads for a scented ornament.
Pinecone ornaments are a classic for all ages. I made this one as a kid and still have it! Attach handmade paper beads for extra craftiness.
You can make more refined pinecones as well adding just a bit of metallic paint & glitter to the edges, then screwing in a ribbon bow.
Beaded pom poms are an easy ornament, even if you’re not a crafter. My husband made this one!
Fold cardstock diamonds then paint with metallic & pearlized acrylic paint. I followed a balsa wood diamond pattern from A Beautiful Mess.
This store bought ornament can inspire you to make paper mache ornaments from old book or magazine pages!
This is another store bought ornament that can inspire you to make your own with yarn & cardboard! My grandma got this at Disney World decades ago.
This heart is made of regular elmers glue! Draw a heart with glue on wax paper & cover with glitter. When dry just peel off & add string to hang.
I got this ornament from a church fair when I was little. He’s made with fabric yo-yos, a wooden bead, pipe cleaners, and the cutest pom pom balloons!
This ornament was made with yarn on plastic mesh canvas. It’s like cross stitch Aida cloth, but plastic! You can fill the cone with candy.
We celebrate multiple winter holidays, so I always grew up including Hanukkah decor on our tree. Check out my tutorial for these 3D dreidels.
Fill a clear ornament with anything you’d like and add custom lettering with a paint pen! This was made by Danielle of Rothbyrns Creative.
Sharpies and Mod Podge Gloss can turn a blank ceramic ornament into a commemorative keepsake. This was from a holiday trip with my college roommates!
Form any shaped ornaments you’d like with polymer clay. My dad made this interpretation of a bicycle.
I honestly don’t know how this ornament was made, but my neighbor made one for me and my brother as kids and I love it!
If you’ve got some wood carving skills, carve vintage inspired ornaments like this one that was purchased at a craft fair!
Snowflakes cut from vellum paper add beautiful texture to a tree. They look best placed near lights.
Last but not least, a handmade tree topper! The base is a cardboard circle covered in fabric, with painted clothespins added around the edge.
I hope this inspires you to start making or collecting your own handmade ornaments! Every year it’s such a treat to relive these memories.
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