Handprint Holiday Poem Keepsake Crafts For Kids
Supplies: free printables, craft paint, paint brushes, paper plate, markers, stickers and baby wipes
First we will work on the tree poem. Squirt some green craft paint on your paper plate.
Next paint your child's hand completely green and press it down on the printable but have their fingers pointing up from the poem.
Now lift up their hand to reveal what will become a Christmas tree. Clean their hand with baby wipes and soapy water.
Go ahead and add a star sticker to the top of the green handprint and draw on a stump on the bottom.
Follow that up with a few rhinestone “ornaments” to tie it all together.
Have children sign the bottom to complete the craft.
Now for the reindeer poem. Squirt some brown craft paint on a paper plate.
Now paint their hand completely brown. Press it down in the center of the printable but this time fingers going downward, towards the poem.
Lift up their hand to reveal a brown handprint that will become a reindeer. Clean their hand with baby wipes and soap water.
Now it’s time to decorate. Draw on hooves and antlers with the marker.
Finally add on the nose and wiggle eyes.
Don’t forget to have them sign the bottom of the poem as well.
We hope these holiday keepsake poems come in handy for you!
Don't forget to share pictures with us afterwards!
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